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Safety is critical to growing our trucking operations and is our #1 priority



Safety and compliance is a critical part of SunteckTTS’ daily mission.  SunteckTTS is committed to creating a safety culture and ensuring that we live it every day.

This commitment leads to safe consistent service and reduced disruptions.  Operating safely is the highest priority of our organization and we believe we have a moral obligation to operate in a way that protects the motoring public, our customers and our associates. In pursuit of our mission, we are focused on new and empowering information systems, risk management strategies, and cutting our own path of innovation and best practices.

SunteckTTS is building its safety foundation using a process called “S.O.A.R.” (Selection, Orientation, Accountability, Retention).

  • Selection: Thorough FMCSA qualifications due diligence conducted on all driver applicants to ensure they meet and/or exceed standards.
  • Orientation/Training: Safety and service expectations are reviewed and tested during orientation. Drivers must successfully complete an extensive safety curriculum of courses prior to on boarding. In addition, an annual learning curriculum of refresher courses must be completed by specific time intervals.
  • Accountability: Daily driver monitoring, counseling and training conducted on all FMCSA compliance areas; specifically hours of service, roadside inspection compliance and post-accident. New tools have been implemented to ensure SunteckTTS safety team has 100% visibility of these areas.
  • Retention: Qualified driver capacity is a premium in today’s capacity constrained market. Thus, driver retention is a critical aspect for improved safety results.

Consistent management of the core foundational safety principles above will deliver improved CSA scores and reduced losses over time.

SunteckTTS Risk Management & Safety professionals are available to assist our agents and customers with programs to reduce cargo damage, improve cargo security and enhance safety.  Services include customizable theft mitigation programs, root cause damage analysis, and professional training as needed.


SunteckTTS maintains high levels of insurance and will protect the interests of its customers whenever necessary.

If you have any questions regarding our insurance or require insurance verification other than those provided above, please contact