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It is vital that businesses have the ability to connect their various tools for business, supply chain, and freight management in a system that allows for that data to be used in analytical decision making.

Our technology integration platform allows for real-time connectivity between your most crucial business systems - including EDI, CRM, supply chain management, and freight management. This streamlined information management increases operational efficiency, enhances the customer experience, and encourages data-driven decision making.


transportation management system

SUNTECKtts offers our agents the best-in-class logistics cloud-based technology platform to connect freight agents with shippers and carriers. This state-of-the art TMS system keeps up with carrier capacity and shipper demand to help independent agents grow their businesses. Our skilled agent response teams utilize the data to streamline your business and keep your customers happy.

Our TMS system is an all-in-one stop for obtaining LTL shipping quotes, finding carrier capacity in near real-time, booking loads and tracking shipments. Plus, our analytics dashboard offers full reporting to maximize your business goals.



As an independent agent, you can access all of your valuable data through our TMS system, keep the information you need right at your fingertips. Our analytics dashboard combines data from multiple sources and offers full reporting to maximize your business goals. Our agents are able to make decisions faster and smarter than the competition by utilizing our dashboards and our agent response teams' support for additional knowledge.