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Multimodal Wednesday:Intermodal B&B

Multimodal Wednesday:Intermodal B&B

Intermodal 101: Blocking and Bracing

Moving freight via Intermodal is a great decision for many reasons that will be discussed as we move forward in this series. Blocking and Bracing of shipments is an extremely important component of intermodal shipping.

Intermodal travel, especially in stack containers, provides a very good ride quality, but there does need to be additional load securement prior to it being loaded on the train.  One simple way to remember the basics, according to the Union Pacific, is through the acronym SAFE LOAD:

S –  Secure the lading

A –  Always plan your load

F –  Fill the empty spaces

E –  Evenly distribute the weight

L –  Look to ensure lading does not exceed 2500 lbs per linear foot

O – Only use AAR (Association of American Railroads) approved dunnage

A – Apply appropriate blocking and bracing

D – Do not use pallets as filler

Each railroad offers guides for shipment securement on their websites.  It is important to remember this requirement when considering Intermodal as your method of transportation.

If you have questions about intermodal, or would like to get started, contact us at intermodal@suntecktts.

Check in on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month for more information on intermodal. The next installment will discuss some of the major reasons you should consider intermodal given the current market conditions.