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Multimodal Wednesday:Intermodal Benefits

Multimodal Wednesday:Intermodal Benefits

Intermodal 101: Benefits

Adding intermodal shipping into your arsenal will allow you a much greater level of flexibility in meeting your customer commitments. Right now, as fall is fast approaching, over the road (OTR) equipment is becoming tighter. When that happens, the shipper will often face not meeting scheduled delivery date/time for their customer, or they will have to pay more to meet their commitments. Neither of these scenarios are positive.

By opening to intermodal shipping, you are allowing the following positives to become part of your shipping strategy:
1. Access to an additional 200,000 pieces of capacity to help move your freight, available in a variety of sizes: 20’, 40’, 40’HC (high cube), 45’, 48’ and 53’. In fact, intermodal is pioneering a 60’ container in Canada right now, that may make its way into the US within the next 5 years.
2. The potential for lower rates, or at least maintaining rate consistency
3. A more environmentally sound shipping strategy
4. Consistent transit scheduling, including avoidance of any “out of hours” stoppages that you may find in OTR shipping

Just as importantly, having the option to ship via intermodal prevents you from falling behind your competition who may already be shipping in this mode. Whatever type of company you are, your best competitors are probably already shipping intermodal or at least considering where it might fit. To stay on an even playing field, you must have this tool as well. And, once implemented, you will now be steps ahead of some of your competition who have not made the commitment.

If you have questions about intermodal, or would like to get started, contact us at intermodal@suntecktts.com.

Check in on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month for more information on intermodal. Shipping intermodal has many benefits but is not necessarily right for all situations. The next installment will discuss some of the concerns shipping intermodal may precipitate.