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Training Tuesday:Closing More Sales, More Easily

Training Tuesday:Closing More Sales, More Easily

If you can’t “close the deal” then you aren’t really succeeding as a salesperson. The main goal of a sales presentation or meeting is to make a sale, and if you aren’t willing to ask for their business then you won’t get it. While closing can seem challenging, and does present unique difficulties, it can be conquered with practice.

Never reduce the price or offer a discount to try to win their business. If being the cheapest is your only way to close the deal, then you need to re-evaluate your sales presentation and figure out how you can add value for your prospects. It may be tempting to reduce the price, as this could be the fastest way to convince the prospect to sign a contract, but you should instead plan to have a few non-monetary concessions to offer a particularly stubborn prospect. If you can make a concession not based on finances or price, then you are more likely to convince the prospect that you are both winning from making this deal.

Avoid trying to use manipulative tactics. At this point, most prospects have been trained to recognize overly manipulative sales and closing tactics. If you really believe in what you are selling and saying, a prospect will be able to tell, and that belief and confidence is often more compelling than some manipulative or dishonest closing method. As part of that, it is important not to make a promise you can’t keep. Don’t offer something you can’t fully deliver just to close a sale. Having a bunch of unhappy customers down the line will eventually begin to affect your selling and closing success as the word spreads that you don’t deliver on promises made during the sales presentation.

Show that you are truly listening to your prospects and attempt to genuinely engage with them. Building rapport throughout the presentation will make a prospect more likely to say “Yes” when you ask for their business. If you can foster a sense of trust and understanding, that will build the prospect’s confidence in your ability to provide them with the best service.

Overall, closing the deal should feel like a natural continuation of the sales presentation. After all, if you’ve delivered a successful and impactful presentation, the prospect will be excited to work with you and take advantage of all of the great things you offer them.