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Training Tuesday:Confirming the Sale

Training Tuesday:Confirming the Sale

Training Tuesday: How to Confirm the Sale

There’s no magic to confirming the sale.  Right from the initial approach to the very end of your presentation, bit by bit, you should be confirming the sale. Relatively early in the presentation I let the prospect know that I expect him or her to make a decision at the close of my presentation. I go with my instincts.  I close the sale when my customer lets me know it’s time.  Closing or confirming the sale is the most natural thing about selling.

You have to have complete confidence in your ability to close the sale, if not, the prospect becomes consumed with doubt.  The prospect can sense when it’s time for you to confirm the sale, and it’s up to you to ask for the order.  They knew you were a salesperson when they agreed to see you, and if you lack confidence to ask for their business, they’re going to lack confidence in making a decision.  Hesitation is as contagious as confidence.

Your sales presentation should be smooth.  The close should have a rhythmic flow that naturally blends in with your proposal so that the prospect is unaware of a precise moment when he can think, ‘Ah, now he’s putting pressure on me to buy.’ Pressure selling is outdated and counterproductive.

The longer a customer has to think it over, the lower the odds become that you’ll make the sale.  I go with the odds and always make a strong attempt to close the sale while eye to eye with the prospect.

Do not oversell!  Some salespeople enjoy a successful close so much that they want to hear it again – even if it re-opens the door to a “NO.”  When the customer says yes – you should SHUT UP!  The sales pitch is now over.  You and the customer are now business partners.  Learn to take YES for an answer.

Be a closer (confirmer).  Your main objective is to get new business.  At the end of the presentation, a real sales professional will confirm with their prospect that they’ve done a good job.  That confirmation will come in the form of a sale.


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