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Training Tuesday:Consultative Selling

Training Tuesday:Consultative Selling

Consultative Selling

Treat all your sales work as a consulting assignment.  Consultative selling turns salespeople into experts and clients into partners.  When you first meet the prospect take your “sell” sign down for the majority, if not all, of your first call.

Some sales reps visit a customer two or three times, ask them every question they can think of except the most important question of all – asking the customer to buy their service. You can and should qualify the customer and re-visit their needs on a regular basis.  If they’re qualified to buy and you don’t offer SunteckTTS’s help, then you’re doing them a disservice.  On the other hand, if you keep calling on a customer who’s not qualified, you’re stealing time and money from yourself.  Be sure after you’ve made a consultative sales call that you follow up by asking for their business.

The best salespeople are professional problem solvers.  We’re in the business of solving transportation problems.  But you have to know and understand the problem first before you try to solve it.

There will come a point when the customer will be ready to move past the small talk, and usually it’s quicker than you might think.  You can tactfully do this without jeopardizing the emerging relationship by giving the prospect a reason to answer your questions.

On every sales call, be the student, because you really are. In transportation sales it’s questions, questions, and more questions. Know the questions you’re going to ask before you arrive at the customer’s desk.

Sales listening is patient listening.  Don’t anxiously wait for an opportunity to jump in and solve all the customer’s problems right away.

Take notes!  Taking notes during your meeting with the prospect can be one of your most powerful sales tools as it helps you listen and puts you in a position of authority.

Last, but not least, be sure to wrap up the appointment by asking for the next appointment, and by getting a positive response on a trial close.

Check back next Tuesday for more tips on Selling SunteckTTS. The full playlist of videos can be found on our YouTube channel.