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Training Tuesday:Delivering Great Customer Service

Training Tuesday:Delivering Great Customer Service

Training Tuesday: How to Deliver Great Customer Service

Many customers are suspicious of freight salesmen. They think that we’re there at the time of the sale but not when they need us if something goes wrong. Many people get buyer’s remorse. When they get that follow-up email or phone call, or they experience the other customer service techniques discussed here, it makes them think, “Yes, I made the right decision.”

Constant communication is the key to building a lasting relationship with customers and prospects.  You must stay in touch.

Let’s define SERVICE as anything that builds trust and confidence in the company and the services you provide to the customer.

Following is a list of services that are specific and measurable. You can use this checklist to make service a more specific part of your sales planning.

1.Write thank you notes as part of your service system. Carry cards in your car and fill them out at the end of the call while still in the customer’s parking lot.

2.Schedule a visit of upper management to your client. This is a symbolic and information gathering visit.

3.Conduct agency or corporate office tours on a regular basis. Clients need to see the agency or corporate office, especially large shippers, so that they can see the depth of the professionalism and dedication that goes into moving their freight.

4.Hold round table discussions about business trends and opportunities with key clients.

5.Throw a client appreciation party, cookout, or breakfast.

6.Invite your customer to accompany you to seminars, speeches, and functions.

7.Return all phone calls immediately. The simple act of returning a phone call can differentiate you from the competition.

8.Vary your modes of contact. A call, package, or email will have more impact if it’s reinforced with another form of contact.

9.Make buying fun. Selling doesn’t have to be all serious business. You don’t have to sacrifice professionalism to make buying an energizing, enjoyable experience that will keep your customers coming back.

10.Make sure internal employees are well-trained in good customer service techniques. 

11.Most importantly, do what you promised, do it when you promised, and do it more often than the competition.


Check back next Tuesday for more tips on Selling SunteckTTS. The full playlist of videos can be found on our YouTube channel.