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Training Tuesday:Handling Rejection

Training Tuesday:Handling Rejection

Rejection is a daily occurrence in the sales profession. How you handle rejection can be compared to long distance running. In running, you’re going to become tired. The proof to how fit you are is determined by how quickly your body is able to rebound. The same applies to sales rejection. You’re going to be rejected. How quickly and how well you recover will determine how successful your next sales call will be.

When I coached baseball there was one situation you could always bank on. If a player committed an error and reacted by kicking the dirt, throwing his mitt, and letting his chin droop, the next hit was definitely coming his way. Instead of shaking off the first error and being prepared to make the next play, some players would still be beating themselves up when the second hit would shoot right between their legs. Suddenly one error became two. Too often, sales people let this happen with rejections. Instead of missing one sale, a rejection mishandled can lead to several more rejections.

The best Sunteck sales reps get rejected, maybe not as often as some, but it still happens. Learn to accept rejection as an occupational hazard and move on. One of the biggest mistakes a salesperson can make is to get rejected and never go back. Don’t close the door on a client forever after receiving just one rejection. People are more likely to give you their business if they know you really want it. Stay in touch. Let the customer know you really want their business. If they’re a good prospect keep them apprised of developments in the industry and at Sunteck. Send them a quarterly newsletter, etc. Keep in touch and demonstrate your professionalism.

75% of all salespeople quit after the first NO, another 5% quit after the second NO, and only 20% persist until the third NO.
It’s not surprising that 20% of salespeople make 80% of all sales.

Just like Major League ball players, you won’t be remembered for your strike-outs; instead you’ll be remembered for your home runs.