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Training Tuesday:How to Leave a Voicemail

Training Tuesday:How to Leave a Voicemail

How to Leave a Voicemail

Voicemail is both a terrific tool and also the world’s most effective gatekeeper. You have to become comfortable with leaving messages.  Use all the same tools you use when speaking with a live gatekeeper: be aggressive, assume control, sound important and confident.

Be clear and clever.  Make sure you sound enthusiastic and authoritative on your business and theirs.

Leaving good voicemail messages requires practice.  Leave practice voicemail messages on your own or fellow salespersons’ machines.  Don’t repeat yourself, and be sure to leave your telephone number.  You’d be surprised to find out how many people forget to leave their number.

Make your message short – less than 30 seconds.  Give the prospect headlines instead of the entire story.

Don’t expect all prospects to return your call.  After you’ve left two voicemail messages for a prospect, your next strategy is to get around the machine. After all, your ultimate goal is to set an appointment when you can meet the prospect face-to-face.

When you finally reach your prospect on the phone remember you didn’t call to make the sale, only to make an appointment.

Speak slowly and clearly.  Smile with your voice. Prospects like to buy from people they’re comfortable with.  Be sure to project your friendliness over the phone line.

Be an energetic speaker.  An energetic voice expresses your enthusiasm for SunteckTTS.

Listen attentively. Sometimes the prospect will give you some useful information that you can use during your face-to-face appointment.  Be sure to take notes while you’re talking on the phone with the prospect.  Verify the prospect’s address and any other information needed for your scheduled meeting.

Check back next Tuesday for more tips on Selling SunteckTTS. The full playlist of videos can be found on our YouTube channel.