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Training Tuesday:Selling SunteckTTS video series

Training Tuesday:Selling SunteckTTS video series

TRAINING TUESDAY: Our new video series ‘Selling SunteckTTS’ leads you through the 3 stages of the sell: Before, During, and After. Each video focuses on a different element of the sales process and offers valuable insight into how to be successful at each stage.

The videos are listed below by category and are accessible as a full playlist via our SunteckTTS YouTube channel. Videos will also be featured here and on our social media for “Training Tuesday” over the next 14 weeks.

 Top 4 Planning Tips
Top 4 Prospecting Tips
How to Make the First Call
How to Leave a Voicemail

Tips for Your Initial Approach
Consultative Selling
How to Make a Presentation
How to Overcome Objections
How to Take Control
How to Confirm the Sale

Handling Rejection
Ask for Customer Referrals
How to Deliver Great Customer Service
Addressing Problems