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Training Tuesday:The Sales Presentation

Training Tuesday:The Sales Presentation

Training Tuesday: Making the Sales Presentation

Give your customer a dynamic sales presentation.

Tailor your presentation to suit each individual company and focus your presentation on the benefits—not features, that SunteckTTS has to offer.  Before making the presentation ask yourself: what kind of presentation will convince the prospect to buy (analytical?  logical?  emotional?), then model your presentation to match them.

Know your audience.  Make sure that all the important decision-makers are in attendance.  Be sure you know their level of expertise about the transportation industry, SunteckTTS, and their company’s shipping needs.

Prepare a presentation folder for everyone who will be in attendance.  Since we’re selling an intangible service; this presentation folder will have to suffice for your product demonstration.

Even in your sales presentation you must remember to be a good listener.  Being a good listener generates confidence, and demonstrates sincerity in your desire to understand the prospect’s needs. Listening can’t be emphasized enough.

Psychologically, the most memorable parts of sales presentations are the beginning and the end, so they deserve special attention.  Collect the ideas you’d like to suggest or selling points you want to make; then organize them according to your purpose and the needs of your prospect.

Practice, practice, practice.  Increase your odds of closing more sales by practicing your presentations.

Lastly, get to know everything you can about the transportation business – SunteckTTS – as well as the competition.  Make sure the prospect realizes that you’re an expert.  When you demonstrate how much you know about your industry, you’ll gain the respect of your customers and prospects.

To make the best presentation possible, you must have conviction in the services you’re there to sell.

Check back next Tuesday for more tips on Selling SunteckTTS. The full playlist of videos can be found on our YouTube channel.