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Training Tuesday:Time Management Tips

Training Tuesday:Time Management Tips

Salespeople who don’t value their own time will end up wasting valuable selling minutes that can stretch into days or even weeks. Before they know it, they’re down on quota and up on stress. The time management tips below can help you make the most out of every selling minute.

Tend to Business, not busyness. Don’t waste working time with office gossip, reading newspapers unrelated to work, or daydreaming. When you’re at work or on the road, spend your time wisely engaged in sales and selling-related tasks only.

Accept responsibility for the use of your time. Don’t blame others for your pressure or your slacking off. Be in control of your schedule. Don’t let the needs of other cause you to stray from your course – stay focused on your goals and plans.

Delegate. Don’t let others dump their work on you. Give away work that someone else can do better. Keep your sales goals the primary focus in front of you.

Enjoy your work. Have fun with your customers. Be someone they welcome because of your bight and cheery personality. Create genuine connections with your customers that will allow you to provide better service in the long run.

View time as your friend. Imagine time as a clock in your pocket. You can spend the entire day carrying it around and it will always be working for you and with you. And remember, tomorrow is always a fresh start with another 24 hours to make work for you.