Happy Father’sDay!

Today’s blog is written by one of our Agent Response Coordinators, Erika Lippincott

Happy Father’s Day for those traveling Dads. Father’s Day reminds us of the special men in our lives, those who helped us become the people we are today.

I would like to like to take a moment to say a special Happy Father’s Day to the dads who travel. It’s a different dynamic when you don’t get to tuck the kids in every night or make it to the big game. It doesn’t mean that you love the kids any less than the stay at home dads.

My dad traveled my whole life, he provided for my mom, brother and me. But he also encouraged me to dream about far-a-way places. And to meet colorful characters, to realize that just because someone looks different or lives in a different house than mine doesn’t mean that they are any less of a person.

Dads that travel understand people from different walks of life and are able to explain love and compassion to their children that some parents are not able to convey.

So for all those dads on the road, do not think your work goes un-noticed. We thank you!