Training Tuesday:Sales Planning


Your job is to help your customer become more profitable by delivering their products to their customers on time, undamaged and for a price that is compatible with the level of service provided. You’re not selling space on a truck. You’re moving America and the world. You’re helping Sunteck’s customers by increasing their ability to better service their customers; and, best of all, you can earn great money doing it.

Work to develop your sales skills and to increase your knowledge of the transportation industry and your customer’s industry. Read more and listen better. What your customer is buying from you is increased sales and better service to their customers. The more often you can provide solutions to your customer’s transportation needs, the more frequently they will call you for assistance, the more money you’ll make, and the more money your customer will make.

You become a vital part of your client’s success when you provide them information they don’t already have. Your value increases when you help them solve problems they’re having difficulty solving themselves. You waste their time when you tell them things they already know. Resolve to prepare better for your calls and to become an asset to your clients—become one of their business “partners.”

You must establish yourself as the expert in solving shippers’ problems.
Your goal is to be an authority.

Selling is the best job in the world! Combine selling with Sunteck and you have two components that guarantee success. Professional salespeople enjoy unlimited income, freedom, and a clear means to take control of their career. Sunteck on the other hand, provides services that are needed by virtually every company in the U.S. Your profession, transportation sales, beats any other occupation hands down.

“SELLING SUNTECK” is a tremendous tool for you, the Sunteck sales professional. Use the information provided here to help distinguish you from all the other transportation sales people your client will see this year.

Your customers are better informed than ever before. The tremendous amount of information available to your clients and the speed in which they can acquire it is so fast. Thanks to the internet, it’s literally at their fingertips. From your very first contact with a prospect you must be able to demonstrate your knowledge and your successes with previous customers. You must also show an interest in their business and needs. Listen and be prepared to discuss the specific ways you have increased your current clients’ profitability through specific benefits you’ve delivered.

In a push to adopt a consultative sales approach, many transportation sales people have forgotten their number one goal – to sell something. Be aggressive. You’re in charge. Sell the Sunteck solution. Ask prospective customers what they do, how they do it, when they do it, why they do it a particular way, and how you can help them do it better.

There are three stages that complete a successful sale when selling Sunteck. To grow and maintain your successful Sunteck agency, you must master all three. They are simple and easy to learn, but due to their simplicity, they are also easy to forget or to omit.

The three distinct stages of selling that will ensure your agency’s success and growth are summed up by your focus and expertise before, during, and after “The Sell.” Each stage deserves special attention. Once you’ve mastered the time proven techniques applicable to each step in the sales process, you’ll see your revenue soar. ‘Selling Sunteck’ leads you through each stage:

  • Before ‘The Sell’ – Planning, Prospecting, Appointment Setting
  • ‘The Sell’ – Meet & Greet, The Fact Finding Session, The Sales Presentation, Overcoming Objections, Pricing, Confirming the Sale
  • After ‘The Sell’ – Handling Rejection, Referrals & Testimonials, Customer Service, Handling Problems, Handling Stress
  • Everyone has the ability to successfully sell Sunteck. ‘Selling Sunteck’ provides you with the tools you will need to achieve your sales goals. So, get started ‘Selling Sunteck’ today.

    In the complex world of transportation sales, the game is won or lost before the salesperson even walks in the door. Preparation before the sales call is critical!

    The surgeon who performs surgery on you or a loved one studied medicine, did his internship, and is properly licensed. You wouldn’t expect him to walk into the operating room without being properly prepared. As in any profession – medicine, law, accounting, and architecture – customers deserve the same treatment from the Sunteck sales professional.

    How many times have you been confronted by a salesperson that knows nothing about you or your business? Did they launch into a barrage of “situation” questions and expect you to take the time to educate them? Or, worse yet, the salesperson doesn’t ask any questions. They jump right into their presentation on something in which you have no interest or need. Unfortunately, the salesperson that is ‘shooting from the hip’ is the norm, not the exception.

    “You have to do what others won’t to achieve what others don’t”

    The planning process is critical to the success of any sales call. The transportation industry is ever-changing and unless you keep abreast of it, you can’t properly serve your clients.

    Knowledge is power. Obviously, to successfully sell Sunteck, you should know all there is to know about Sunteck service, your industry, your competitors, and your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. You should also take time to familiarize yourself with everything you can possibly find out about your prospective client before making your first contact with them.

    “The will to win is worthless if you do not have the will to prepare.”
    – Thane Yost

    There are many ways to be better prepared. Listed below are what I consider to be the big four.

    1. Know our industry. It’s your job to know as much as you can about the transportation industry. Know the strengths and weaknesses of the major motor carriers and major motor carriers and logistics providers. Technology is rapidly changing. New transportation services are being offered continuously.

    Successful salespeople read industry specific periodicals. You can put yourself at a distinct competitive advantage in comparison with many salespeople by becoming familiar with these publications and other regional magazines just like them. Use them to keep abreast of industry trends. Extensive and up-to-date knowledge of your industry provides your customers with greater confidence in your recommendations and ability.

    2. Know Sunteck. By having a clear, thorough understanding of Sunteck, you’ll field customer questions and objections more easily. Know your customers’ preferred buying conditions and why certain customers do not choose Sunteck as their carrier of choice. What areas need improvement? Know what is unique or value-added about Sunteck’s services. To give an honest and realistic presentation of Sunteck’s shipping solutions, you must be candidly aware of our true market position. Learn as much as possible about the history of Sunteck by talking with other Sunteck agents, members of the Agent Advisory Board, the Agent Response Team and others involved in our business. Read all company brochures, magazine articles, and Sunteck’s website. And finally, develop a written presentation about Sunteck. Use the key ideas in your sales presentations.

    3. Know your competition. Learn everything you can about your competition. Know their strengths and weaknesses and ask your customers what they like or dislike about your competitors. In what areas do they excel? What services are inefficient? What are some of their unique services? Compare Sunteck’s Service with that of your competition. Also compare features, equipment, billing processes, service levels, dispatching methods, and any other aspects of their company that makes a comparison possible. Thorough research of your competitors’ services provides you with the differentiating factors and where you can contribute to making changes that will improve your agency’s performance.

    4. Know your customer. Complete knowledge of your customer’s company will show interest, always impresses, and represents an important first step in earning a customer’s confidence and business. Do you know how your customers use Sunteck and what they demand from their carriers? Do you know their requirements for service? Survey your customers on a regular basis. Let your customers educate you on where your agency and Sunteck should be headed. Learn as much as you can about each customer before making a sales call. Well-prepared salespeople are perceived as more professional. Exhibiting an understanding of the customer’s company and business speeds the vital relationship building process.

    You must be mentally prepared before you make a sales call. The old saying You never get a second chance to make a first impression is important to remember. If this is the first call, the degree to which a salesperson can create rapport and build trust is in direct relationship to the amount of preparation that has taken place before the sales call is made. Preparation is not just limited to the first call. The result of every sales call reflects the amount of time the salesperson invested getting ready for the appointment.